ALOGIC USB-C Travel Dock Pro With Power Delivery


Wrap Around USB-C Cable

The USB-C cable can be stowed at the back of the dock when not in use, making it very compact for carrying in your laptop bag.



The Dock gives you the two most popular video connectivity options perfect for connecting to a projector/TV/Monitor.


Memory Card/Gigabit Ethernet/USB Hub

The wide range of ports allows for connecting a Micro SD/SD Card, Wired Gigabit Ethernet, and a host of USB-A or USB-C accessories.


USB-C Power Delivery 100W

The dock can charge your laptop with up to 100W power when connected to a suitable USB-C Charger.

Compatible Devices : Mac Machine, Windows machine, Chrome OS

Category : Cables / Adaptors / Chargers

Color : Black


The ALOGIC USB-C Travel Dock Pro is a powerful portable dock perfect for on the go or desk use. It has an array of ports including HDMI 4K@30Hz, VGA, 2 x USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, Micro/SD Card Slots, USB-C for Data, and a dedicated USB-C for power delivery up to 100W.

The wrap-around cable makes the dock compact and easy to carry in your laptop bag. Compatible with both USB-C and Thunderbolt 3.0 enabled computers the dock makes you a power user on the move.