OWC Envoy Pro Portable Storage Enclosure


  • Build your own portable PCIe SSD drive
  • Repurpose any Apple factory-installed PCIe SSD
  • Outstanding USB 3.0 speeds up to 500MB/s
  • Award-winning aluminum design

Compatible Devices : Old MBP/iMac/MM

Category : Storage

Color : N/A


Rugged/tough high-performance enclosure for select Apple Flash SSDs from MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, iMac, and Mac mini models from 2013 to 2015.

Experience incredible portable performance in the palm of your hand. The OWC Envoy Pro combines elegance and functionality in sleek, portable external storage for Apple Flash SSDs (June 2013-Current Mac Models). Its aluminum body protects your drive and data, while its minimal size allows for simple stowing in coat pockets, backpacks, or briefcases.

The USB 3.0 interface offers speedy transfer rates of up to 500MB/s and the Envoy Pro requires no AC power adapter making it the ideal plug and play USB bus-powered SSD Enclosure.


Important Note: The OWC Envoy Pro enclosure has been specifically designed for use ONLY with select Apple Flash SSDs from most 2013 to 2015 Mac models. Do NOT attempt to install or use an OWC Aura, Aura Pro, Aura Pro X, or Aura Pro X2 SSD in the Envoy Pro as you can damage the OWC SSD, enclosure, or both. Such damage is not covered under warranty.

Please Note: The OWC Envoy Pro enclosure is not compatible with stock Apple Toshiba drives